Childhood Games Played in Heilwood

KNIFE GAMES: mumbley peg; baseball.

GAMES IN GENERAL: capture the flag; hide-and-seek; red rover; buckety buck; caddy; hit the shoe; tin can basketball; baseball; mushball; marbles; tackle football ( with no pads/no equipment); mother may I; hop scotch. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Swinging from grapevines; building log cabins/forts; picking all types of berries- black, raspberries, elderberries, huckleberries; crab apple / stick battles; sling shots; maple sprout whistles; pea shooters / choke cherries; collecting junk / tires / glass; making corn cob pipes / smoking dried corn silk; roll your own smokes using newspaper and  dried corn silk;  paper cut out figures from the newspaper / sports-football; putting baseball cards in the spokes of your bike; punching cows; getting tomato poles from the woods and sharpening the ends; picking and eating teaberries; playing jacks; jumping rope

CHILDHOOD TREATS: pop; wax lips / little wax bottles with some colored liquid inside; Dixie cups with movie stars/ cowboys on the lids; BB Bats; Mary Jane; Tootsie Pops; Bucco Bars; Twin Pops; Creamsicles; raisin filled cookies; snow balls; taffy; Black Jack gum; Necco Wafers; Power House candy bars; Clark bars; frozen Zero candy bars; Hershey icecream; penny pretzels.