Possum Glory Water Company

Possum Glory Water Co. Stock Certificate

An unused stock certificate (#35 for $50) for the Possum Glory Water Company, dating to about 1903. The stockholders were all from the Indiana area, and apparently had no direct connection to the later founding of the town in 1904.

The official Possum Glory Water Company seal

The official Possum Glory Water Company seal

On February 9, 1903, five men from Indiana, Pennsylvania (E.E. Bell, H.M. Bell, John S. Taylor, James W. Mack, and D.B. Taylor) appeared before J. A. Crossman, Notary Public, to become incorporated as the Possum Glory Water Company. C.E. Felton of Philadelphia, Pa. was listed as president of the company, with one employee (click here for more facts and figures about the company).

The said corporation was formed for the “purpose of storing and transportation or supply of water and water power for commercial and manufacturing purposes in Pine Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.”

Further, the “business of said corporation was to be transacted in Pine Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania with principal offices in Indiana, Pennsylvania.” And finally, the “said corporation is to exist perpetually.”

The capital stock of said corporation was $5,000. On February 10, 1903, the corporation was enrolled in Charter Book #73, page 121 (see photo).

Despite its official place in the records, no other information or subsequent transactions for this corporation can be found.